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Phrases & Vocabulary for Hanging Out

I come across a lot of these phrases chatting with friends on QQ.  Really useful! Written Chinese: Phrases & Vocabulary for Hanging Out with Chinese…

Contemporary Chinese Textbook Free

This is the same book you can buy in text form, but separated online to include audio and video!!  Some things you might need to…

Learn Chinese thru Popular Karoake

Found this on my twitter, cool to see!  Also cool that they’re popular karoake songs, adds a bit to cultural tastes and understanding.

Growing Up Chinese

In ode to my dog, Bailey (白力), a CCTV Lesson on how to talk about pets with video and transcript in Hanzi, Pinyin and English!…

Helpful in Texas..

I say this alot in Texas, especially this time of year!

Chinese Slang feat.Iona Tian [w/Eng Subs]

One of my favorite vlogs for learning Chinese.  She makes a quick run through and explanation on some of today’s newest slang.

Children’s Reading Site

为什么会下雨 – 儿童互动画报 – 贝瓦网

Slow Chinese: Podcast

慢速中文 Slow Chinese