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Phrases & Vocabulary for Hanging Out

I come across a lot of these phrases chatting with friends on QQ.  Really useful! Written Chinese: Phrases & Vocabulary for Hanging Out with Chinese…

Contemporary Chinese Textbook Free

[visual_alert style=”red”]Update! This has been deleted (by the owner).  I will try to find a replacement ASAP.[/visual_alert] This is the same book you can buy…

Learn Chinese thru Popular Karoake

Found this on my twitter, cool to see!  Also cool that they’re popular karoake songs, adds a bit to cultural tastes and understanding. [visual_button url=””…

Growing Up Chinese

In ode to my dog, Bailey (白力), a CCTV Lesson on how to talk about pets with video and transcript in Hanzi, Pinyin and English!…

Helpful in Texas..

I say this alot in Texas, especially this time of year!

Chinese Slang feat.Iona Tian [w/Eng Subs]

One of my favorite vlogs for learning Chinese.  She makes a quick run through and explanation on some of today’s newest slang.

Children’s Reading Site

为什么会下雨 – 儿童互动画报 – 贝瓦网

Slow Chinese: Podcast

慢速中文 Slow Chinese