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Learn Chinese with Movies


  1.  Download movie
  2. Grab original Chinese/Mandarin (Hanzi) subtitles.  I used this: OpenSubtitles.org
    • To avoid any encoding problems:  Right click on the srt file, open in Microsoft Word
    • Choose the default encoding (usually CH-GB2312), if it’s already UTF8, ignore and move to step 3.
    • File > Save , choose UTF-8 encoding.
    • Be sure to remove any .docx, txt, extensions etc…. file should end in .srt
  3. Use this site to add the pinyin below your hanzi:  Chinese Pinyin Subtitles Converter
    • Choose UTF-8 for encoding.  I left the rest of the options alone.
    • Do the calculation, submit, save your new .srt file.
  4. You can stop here, or add the English subtitle.  2srt2ass helps you join two srt files into one ass file (also a subtitle file).
  5. Submit query, save.

Now you can watch your old faves and learn Chinese at the same time!

Download a sample file:  Shrek in English/Chinese (Mandarin) with Hanzi/Pinyin

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