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Wo Hui Mandarin Pen

I recently purchased this pen on Amazon for $39 and wanted to post some results.  I’ve included a video of using the pen to translate text from a children’s book, look up a word in that translation and then save that word as a favorite.  I also scanned a children’s book with a bit of a whimsical font to see if it’d also translate it and demonstrate both the spoken Chinese voice and English voice.  I then picked a Netflix show to see how the pen did translating spoken English to Chinese!

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Applying for a Visa

Getting through some of the site information can be a bit murky, but this site made it very easy to get your all you need for a tourist visa to China.

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Print Paper to Practice Your Hanzi

Print your own practice paper with various squares and designs, great for practicing your Hanzi!


Little Fox Chinese

Hanzi, Pinyin, English translations, slow pronunciation, graded levels, this series has it all!  They even put the subtitles in plain text for you to copy, translate, etc if you are unsure.  I’m currently following Bat and Friends (小蝙蝠和朋友们).  Big congratulations to Little Fox on these nicely done videos!

Phrases & Vocabulary for Hanging Out

I come across a lot of these phrases chatting with friends on QQ.  Really useful!

Written Chinese: Phrases & Vocabulary for Hanging Out with Chinese Friends

Mandarin Corner

Great everyday dialog with Hanzi AND Pinyin.  Check out her entire channel!

Frozen – Let It Go

I’m not a huge fan of this movie, but it was a decent production and I can deal with the theme song.. especially if it has great subtitles like this to learn from!

This is the same book you can buy in text form, but separated online to include audio and video!!

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Learn Chinese thru Popular Karoake

Found this on my twitter, cool to see!  Also cool that they’re popular karoake songs, adds a bit to cultural tastes and understanding.

10 Easy Karaoke Songs

Karoake Jingle Bells (Pinyin/Hanzi)

Rounding out my Christmas feel for the day – another carol, again with sing along pinyin and hanzi video.