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Wo Hui Mandarin Pen

I recently purchased this pen on Amazon for $39 and wanted to post some results.  I’ve included a video of using the pen to translate text from a children’s book, look up a word in that translation and then save that word as a favorite.  I also scanned a children’s book with a bit of a whimsical font to see if it’d also translate it and demonstrate both the spoken Chinese voice and English voice.  I then picked a Netflix show to see how the pen did translating spoken English to Chinese!

I’ve been using it the past couple weeks and picked up a couple tips:

  • When scanning, try to hold the pen close to a 90 degree angle.  It doesn’t have to be perfectly upright, it’s just if you slant it like a pencil, you will lose accuracy.
  • When using speech to text translation, hit the button and give it a second.  If you hit the button and start too quick, you’ll likely notice the beginning of your phrase cut off.

Other than that, as a learning tool I love it!  I like to translate spoken phrases like, “turn off the lights,”  “going to walk my dog,” etc to get used to the words and sounds.  I use it a lot to scan and listen for the same reason.

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