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Applying for a Visa

Getting through some of the site information can be a bit murky, but this site made it very easy to get your all you need for a tourist visa to China.

This was originally taken from: Travel for Stupids, now defunct.

Required Documents

  1. Your Passport

    Check your passport to ensure that it has at least one full blank page and at least six months of validity remaining. If it lacks either, submit it to the US Department of State for renewal or the addition of extra pages.

  2. COLOR Photo Copy of Your Passport

    Make a photocopy of the identification page of your passport.

  3. COLOR Photo Copy of Your Drivers License

    Make a photocopy of your state issue drivers license or ID card.

  4. Passport Photo

    Make a 2-by-2 passport photo at a CVS, Walgreen’s, photo shop or other vendor.

  5. Visa Application Form v.2013

    Download the visa application form v.2013 and fill it out on your computer and print it.

    • DO NOT fill the form out with a pen. Must be filled out using a PDF application on your computer.
    • DO NOT staple any of the papers together.
  6. Invitation Letter Hotel Itinerary

    The Chinese Embassy site states that you’re required to have an invitation letter but if you’re traveling through China as a tourist, showing proof of your hotel booking will work.

    • PRO TIP Make sure you or your spouses name is on the hotel reservation.
  7. Flight Itinerary

    Bring a copy of your flight itinerary, and invoice. Make sure your name is on the itinerary. Must show proof of flight into China and out of China.

How To…

  1. After you gather all the documents stated above, it’s time to find the closes Chinese Consulate. I live in Houston, Texas and there’s one here! You should have a total of 7 documents.
    • Hours of operation
      Monday through Friday 9:00AM – 11:30AM
      Monday through Friday 1:30PM – 3:00PM
      Closed on Saturday and Sundays
      They do observe all Chinese holidays
  2. That’s it! Long as you have everything completed above, you’re good to go! It takes 4-5 business days to get your passport back from the consulate.

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