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Contemporary Chinese Textbook Free

This is the same book you can buy in text form, but separated online to include audio and video!!  Some things you might need to…


Moluren – Initiate your social network by chatting with strangers-we don’t have to know each other to be friends.

Chinese Boost (Grammar)

Chinese Grammar – A grammar guide for people learning Mandarin Chinese

13 Mandarin Chinese Grammar Patterns and Structures We Love to Hate

Jiong 冏 A Chinese Emoticon

Jiong – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Numbers in Chinese Chat

A quick listing of some of the most common numbers used in chat slang. Chinese Numeric Pager and Chat Codes

How I Study Chinese Online

This is a quick rundown of what programs I use to translate text, hear text and practice online with language partners.  It’s kept me steadily…