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Download Subtitles (Hanzi / Pinyin / English)

When I learned Portuguese, one of the most useful forms of picking up vocabulary for me was by watching subtitled movies.  With Chinese, though, this was almost impossible since I couldn’t yet (and still can’t) read too much Hanzi.  After some inital trial and errors, I was able to create what I wanted:  movies with subtitles in English, Pinyin, and Hanzi.  I find the movie online, download it, chase down the English subtitles and then the Chinese (Simplified) subtitles.  Then, I go through a tricky process of combining them all into one.

Here’s an step by step wiki in case you’re interested in creating your own: Creating Subtitles in Pinyin, Hanzi, & English and here’s the Reddit forum I use to share the links on: /r/pinyinsubtitles.  I do these whenever I have free time, but welcome any suggestions on movies I should add.  Leave a comment below if you have suggestions!  Enjoy!

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50 First Dates185.3 KiB1082
Aberdeen205.7 KiB948
Aftershocks291.1 KiB961
Big Hero 6240.4 KiB1934
Blind Detective320.0 KiB998
Fearless222.8 KiB1867
Finding Mr Right326.1 KiB973
Godzilla (2014)232.2 KiB941
Home (2015)171.9 KiB1475
House Of Flying Daggers119.1 KiB665
Ip Man 2008183.9 KiB1126
Lethal Weapon155.6 KiB961
Lost In Thailand284.0 KiB1093
Love In Space230.0 KiB908
Love In The Buff326.9 KiB968
Mr & Mrs Player311.6 KiB807
Pitch Perfect196.1 KiB981
Shrek280.4 KiB1511
So Young377.9 KiB967
Special ID224.8 KiB906
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles188.8 KiB964
The Family174.3 KiB944
The Fourth Portait242.2 KiB903
The Heat270.2 KiB1443
The Hunger Games Catching Fire330.9 KiB973
The Sixth Sense98.8 KiB945
The World128.6 KiB1933
Up197.8 KiB1157
Us and Them (后来的我们)319.5 KiB1028
Wedding Crashers500.4 KiB983
You Are The Apple Of My Eye273.8 KiB1118

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